Yes, Another Sample Sale

I’m smiling here in this pic, but what I’m really thinking is, “Are these for sale, too? How much? And how do I get them off the mannequin?”

Hi, my name is Ginger, and I am addicted to samples sales. I’m less than a week into my blog and I’ve already written up two of these little festivities. I take solace, however, in the fact that I am not alone in this addiction. Art maven Marcella Novela and The Wordy Girl Maria Tettamanti were also part of the conspiracy. This time at Alexis. And then, then, there’s my most favorite publicist, Lauren Gnazzo, who actually called me at 10 p.m. last night to share her conquests at Alexis’ warehouse of wonder. I chalk all this up to Old World hunter/gatherer survival techniques and modern day luxuries. Food comes from Publix and Whole Foods. So, the only thing left for us to forage for are shoes, dresses and adorable little Chanel-esque shorts. Our primitive instincts come alive and we thrive in these environs. Must have that tunic. And I will elbow you, if need be. It’s not our faults. We’re pre-programmed. Our ancient sisters would be proud. Our husbands and live-in boyfriends, not so much. But I digress.

If you’re an Alexis sample sale virgin (a la me until yesterday), there are some things you must know (aside from the fact that Alexis Barbara Isaias is a local designer with a knack for hitting Miami’s fashion needs smack on the head):

1.) There’s enough to go around. This warehouse is huge. Hitting, biting, snatching and grabbing are frowned upon.

2.) This isn’t your average sample sale. The need to dig around in bins to unearth a holy tank top for $2 doesn’t exist here. Almost all of the items are organized on racks (in dry cleaning bags, nonetheless) with pics at the top showing the outfit. The racks are packed in ascending sizes from extra small to large. I have to admit, all this organization throws your game off at first. But you’ll catch on soon enough.

3.) The dressing room sitch is an open affair. Makeshift tents are set up around the warehouse. Once you cram four girls and an armload of clothes each in, the whole operation becomes sort of sardine can-ish. But it’s all good because if it doesn’t fit pass it to the girl to the left and she’ll most likely do the same.

4.) You will go home with things. Lots of them. And you will love them. And you’ll contemplate going back later that day or tomorrow. That’s the gatherer in you taking over. Relax, Alexis hosts a sample sale of warehouse proportions every six months.

The sale ends tonight at 7.

5000 S.W. 75th Ave., #112, Miami