Yes, a Whole Post About Lipstick

Current faves.

There are two things in life that should always be red: sports cars and lips. I know this is very ’50s of me, but I love lipstick. Bold, red lipstick. Nothing says a perfect pout like a pair of beautifully lined rouge lips. And the last thing I’d ever do is swipe gloss over the top of that lipstick. For me, red lips should be marvelous and matte. Finding the right lipstick to make that happen, however, is a chore in and of itself. Reds fade to bright or hot pink, bleed into your lip line and they make for a mess if you don’t locked down the exact shade and texture. When I came across Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet ($32.50), I got that little tingle of excitement that I might be able to give my old standby Clinique red I’ve been rationing for eons now (it was a limited-edition run from a Grammy gift bag) a break. And guess what? I was right. The texture of this lipstick is just like the name implies: velvet. Mix that with a matte texture and the geniuses at Chanel are on to something, yet again. The pigments in this lipstick lock on to lips and stay for color that doesn’t budge. And, unlike so many unbudging colors, this one doesn’t crust up or over. It’s as smooth as velvet. I opted for #39 La Somptueuse. It’s red hinging on the darker side for a hue that is as classic as a little red Corvette. I’ve test driven the color twice now and both times I came home with as much lipstick as I left with, which is always a good sign. After two trial runs, I’m ready to make this lipstick part of my regular rotation.

As much as I love lipstick, however, I’m also a gloss kind of girl for day. Something lighter on the lips is just how I like to roll when the sun is up. My latest obsession is Clinique’s Dual Ended Almost Lipstick & Long Last Glosswear with SPF 15 in Black Honey ($21). First of all, Clinique has this whole Black Honey color down pat. It’s the perfect hint of color without being too dark. You wouldn’t think so by just glancing at the product in the tube, but go ahead, give it a shot. The texture of the Almost Lipstick, which you apply first (and lives on one end of the tube) is smooth and not at all sticky. The Long Last Glosswear goes on like a typical gloss and rivals silk with its texture. I’ve slung this in my bag for three days now, making it an instant staple for casual lips when I’m out and about. Unfortunately, this gloss is limited-edition and very hard to find. Seems I’ll be giving this one Grammy gift bag status, too. Apparently, rationing lip products is my unavoidable forte.