WuGate Continues

Well, well, well, what have we here?

It seems WuGate is the story that just won’t quit. In an interesting turn of events, I found this little gem from the New Times on Facebook yesterday. Seems DJ Midas, Kevin Wills, was lying to all of us at Target that SuperBowl Sunday morning when he and his fem partner in crime raped the racks at the Jason Wu for Target debut. Turns out he wasn’t poaching the racks to resell everything for jacked-up prices on Ebay. Obviously, he was taking everything in the name of charity. Yeah, and my name is Myrtle. And clearly I have a hearing problem because I, along with the dozen others there, as well as video cameras, could have sworn I heard him say we could buy things off him in the parking lot. Funny, he never mentioned anything about charity when he was bragging about his looting in the comments (see Vulture) on my post.

In other complete bullshit, he goes on to say some pretty heartfelt things about his charitable efforts like, “I like doing charity stuff. I like going to the ghetto and passing stuff out of my car.”


A mommy friend from my kiddo’s school informed me this a.m. that Dress For Success, her mother-in-law’s charity, was unaware of the whole WuGate scandal. And when she filled her in, the event was immediately cancelled. This morning, this is what was on its Facebook Page:

We would like to thank our entire South Florida community for always supporting Dress for Success Miami! However, due to recent circumstances regarding an upcoming event with DJ Midas at The Stage Miami, we must respectfully decline this opportunity to be the Charity of choice, we trust that DJ Midas will continue to support those in need & work towards this goal with integrity and class. ~DFS

New Times updated its article today saying the event has been cancelled. And poor Midas is, yet again, claiming he is just a misunderstood clothing hoarder.

It says a lot when a charity doesn’t want to work with you. I get that maybe DJ Midas was trying to be a stand-up guy and do the right thing. God knows he needs the karma points. But lying about it just negates any of those points. And insults our intelligence. Call a duck a duck. Say you did something stupid, you couldn’t sell the stuff on Ebay because of the onslaught of bad press and admit you want to do the right thing. Better yet, it’s not too late to really do the right thing and just donate the whole lot to Dress For Success. Now that might actually earn you a little respect and karma points, ‘ya heard, Midas?

Dress for Success is a charity that “promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.”

While I understand the charity’s reasons for disassociating itself from the event, the fact remains that Midas has yet again bilked a group of women out of something they wanted. This time those women were women in need. Maybe we can all take a look through our own closets and see what we can donate to help these women out. We’ll be the village who makes up for this village idiot. For more info on Dress for Success, check out its website here.