WuGate Comes Full Circle: My Interview With Jason Wu

The man, the myth, the legend.

Last night the hubby and I made our way to the uber swanky opening of St. Regis Bal Harbour, where I got the chance to bring WuGate full circle by speaking with the man himself: Jason Wu. So why was Wu at St. Regis in the first place? He is a brand ambassador for the hotel. Not a bad gig if you can get it. Here’s what Wu had to stay about his pitstop in Miami, a place he hasn’t been in a while and is looking to explore.

EB: What about a Jason Wu Boutique inside the St. Regis:

Jason Wu: Right now we are working on some projects with the St. Regis. I’m off to San Fran. Then next week Florence. It’s not a bad thing to be a when you are staying at the St. Regis everywhere you go. The butler packs and unpacks and takes out all the worries for travel for you.

Can you share some of your favorite spring trends with me:

Bright colors, peplum, ’50s couture-inspired shapes, iridescent looks, white — perfect for Miami.

Did you hear about what happened when your collection for Target came out here in Midtown?

I heard about it, yeh. I was so excited to see people were so enthusiastic about my collection. I’d hoped everyone had a chance to enjoy part of the collection. [Laughing] I’m just glad people wanted to buy my collection.

Do you have any advice to Target about putting a ban on things like that?

I think that is a question for Target. As a designer, I had a great time collaborating with them, but I was as surprised as anyone else by the demand, that pandemonia ensued.

Do you have any other collaborations coming up?

Right now I’m just working on my resort collection.

And there you have it. Even Wu wanted everyone to enjoy his collection. But he, like any average Joe (of which he is definitely not), was thrilled someone, lots of someones, actually, wanted to have something he made. The true mark of a humble artist.

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu. She briefly spoke about her next project, where she will be playing “the seeker, an alien” in the Host, an awesome book I read a while back from the author of Twilight. Good stuff. Amazing dress.

As for the rest of the St. Regis opening, the party was as over the top as you’d expect. Lavish, devine, decadent. Food literally lined the property, of which a stunning infinity pool sat smack in the middle of. A 10-minute firework display commemorated the evening. Twenty eight (as in the number of St. Regis properties) bottles of champagne christened the evening. It was a truly spectacular event. And one I’ll remember forever, knowing now I can finally put WuGate to rest.

Getting the story from the man himself. Photo by Tomas Loewy.