Wu Wu Woo


Lookie lookie what arrived at mi casa today! My Jason Wu for Target cat scarf. I guess Target worked out its online kinks after all.

This thing is HUGE. And it’s sheer. In fact, it’s so big, I’ve decided to don it as a coverup/sarong for the beach/pool. It should work perfectly with the 1.2 thousand black bathing suits I have (because, for whatever reason, I can’t bring myself to buy one with color).

My only complaint:


This horrid “for TARGET” stamped on the side. Was that REALLY necessary? It’s obvs I got it at Target. It’s the Jason Wu scarf with the cat on it. Where else did it come from? So to do this is just uncalled for. I’ll just be sure to knot up that side when I’m donning it poolside.