Why You’re Never “Too Old To Wear That”

“Oh, that’s a nice dress! You pull it off so well… I’d love to wear something like that, but I’m too old for it.”

If there’s ever a phrase in fashion that should be detested and possibly banned, it’s “age-appropriate dressing.” Let’s put this one to bed.

Age is not a barrier of entry to looking and feeling good. Sure, there are times when practicality is the order of the day and a pair of sweatpants coupled with an ill-fitting T-shirt is the only suitable choice (as most hectic, working moms are all too aware). An ‘off day’ from looking stylish need not induce guilt, and in fact should be embraced from time to time.

But there’s no reason – no reason at all – that a woman should feel prohibited from having an ‘on day’ either. And there are all sorts of mental road blocks we needlessly throw in our own paths, not just age; moms aren’t allowed to wear cocktail dresses, tall women shouldn’t wear short skirts and heels, larger ladies are prohibited from skinny jeans… the list goes on.

Don’t buy into it, because ultimately, they’re all self-imposed rules. Specifically-designed skirts for tall women and skinny-style jeans in sizes beyond 10 exist for a reason. Seek out the clothes you love wearing, wear them unapologetically and allow yourself to feel exceptional from time to time. As long as your chosen outfit is appropriate for the occasion, you’re good to go.

And who knows, perhaps someone in your circles will utter the opening phrase in your direction (and you can subsequently put them right, too).

Either way, life’s too short to wear boring clothes.