Why You Should Spa at Tierra Santa Healing House


{Wearing: Dress: Touch Dolls. Wedges: Steve Madden. Bracelet: Touch Dolls.}

This is a pic of very happy me. Why? I recently discovered a new type of spa treatment at Tierra Santa Healing House at Faena. One of my personal favorite indulgences is spa-ing, so when I find a treatment I’ve never heard of, well, it gets me all giddy inside. And that’s exactly what happened when I stepped into the beautiful spa at Faena. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been dying to go there forever. I’ve seen that stunning chandelier posted on every who’s who Instagram from here to New York, my fomo mounting. When it was finally my turn to indulge, I couldn’t wait. The space itself its the stuff interior design junkies foam at the mouth over. It’s like stepping into a Wes Anderson set. Red (that’s my signature shade) touches everywhere. It’s serene and vintage and modern all at the same time—not an easy mesh to pull off. But back to the actual treatment. After slipping into my robe, I made my way to the lounge where maca treats were waiting. Shortly after I was whisked away to my room for the Tree of Life Vibrations treatment. The treatment started with a metal bowl beneath my headrest filled with therapeutic oil so I could inhale the balancing scent throughout my treatment—brilliant. During the treatment, I would no longer be a human, my form was considered a tree. My lower back: the roots, my spine: the trunk and my neck and shoulders: the branches. Next, sound bowls were placed between my legs and my lower back. As my therapist “played” the bowl, the sound vibrated through my body. The idea of the vibrations is to release tension. And in the process I became a conduit for the sound, feeling it throughout my entire body. It’s hard to explain how or why, but it was so relaxing, I meditate myself to that state where you are present but so far beneath the surface it feels as though you are in a dream. Afterward, a massage followed. And before the treatment concluded, I had another dance with the sound bowls, in which I found myself back in the same state. Let’s just say putting my robe on after was a struggle, as my bliss was overwhelming. If you find yourself feeling stressed out and need to get back to “normal,” I highly suggested booking this treatment. But wait, there’s more …





{Literally as happy as a kid eating cake at their bday party. The Tree of Life Vibrations treatment is so amazing, you’ll leave it feeling just like this. Bliss.}

Faena’s spa has cool amenities to check out after your treatment. There’s a hammam, which I could have spent the whole live long day inside of, that is as beautiful as it is serene. There’s an ice grotto for when you need to cool down (quickly) from the hammam. There’s steam, sauna—basically, bring your bikini post treatment and prepare to spend the entire day here doing nothing but treating yo self. It’s truly as beautiful as you would expect.