Where to Get Glam in Miami

{Wearing: Dress: Touch Dolls. Shoes: Steve Madden. Makeup: c/o Glamsquad with Celina Beach Artistry. Hairstyle: c/o Glamsquad with Barbie Annitto. Hair Color: Michele Fury/ Haircut: Guillaume Massol both of #bestbayalagemiami.  Skincare: Botox Labb Aesthetic Beauty Bar and Vivid Face. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza}

Let’s be honest, it takes a village to be a woman. I’m 38 years in and can confirm this is not an alternative fact. Between hair, makeup, skincare—being a woman can easily turn into a full-time job. Don’t get me wrong, life with a dirty bun, sweats and no makeup doesn’t make you less of a woman. In fact, there are more days than not that’s what I have time to pull off. But sometimes, I just want to feel good. And when I look good, well, it makes me feel good. Things like confidence and strength radiate outward. That’s why I’ve put together a glam team here in Miami I rely on for when I want to be at my best. I rely on them for all my little tricks of the trade, beauty tips, treatments and general glamming. Sure, I could attempt to do it on my own, but I prefer a little help from my friends, er, village. I thought I’d share them should you want to lean on someone for a little support in one or all of the categories.


Here’s the funny thing about being a woman: You pay to have hair removed (waxing, laser hair removal). Then, you pay to have hair added on (hair and eyelash extensions). It’s irony at its finest. Our relationship with hair is complicated at best. Starting with the hair I pay to maintain, there’s:


A few months back I shared my new love affair with Michele Fury and Guillaume Massol of Miami Color an Style. For the first time in I don’t even know how many decades, I have the closest I’ve ever been to my natural hair color back. And I’m loving it. Sure, at first I was nervous, but just the other day I saw a pic of my former raven-black hair and my first thought was, “Wow, that looked so unnatural. This is much better.” Sometimes, people who do this for a living know more than you. Michele is that person.

But it’s not just the color. It’s the cut, too. I have thin hair. Guillaume cuts my hair in a way that makes it appear thicker than it is. And that’s everything. He’s an artist, a master at what he does.

Find them at: The team, who travels to Miami every two months, will be back in town on March 5 and 6 at Studio D in Mary Brickell Village. Book your appointment by texting Michelle at 917-873-3886. Do it, trust me. It’s so worth it.


 I hate doing my own hair. Hate it. Loathe, hate despise. And I’ll buy anything to streamline the process. I have hair tools and gadgets that would blow your mind. But none of them compare to Glamsquad. I answer my door with soaking wet hair and they whip it into something beautiful with a blowout and style, while I sit and answer e-mails on my phone. It’s brilliant. If you don’t have the Glamsquad app, check them out online here.

Now for the hair I pay to have added:


 I’ve never had an issue with the length of my lashes, but wearing mascara and then having to take it off and then putting it back on—its a lot of work, which is why I’ve stopped doing it. The post-yoga raccoon eyes from sweat were there more often than not, so I made the decision to get lash extensions. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Miallure does a stellar job. They never overlap or look wonky. And yes, I still have lashes. They have’t all fallen out, despite all the crazy rumors you hear. If you go to the right person, they will apply them the right way to help your real lashes continue to grow. The extensions last a solid three weeks, though I have worn then longer. And then I go back for a refill. It’s easy, peasy and has even shaved gobs of time off my daily makeup routine.

Find it at: Miallure, which is located in Miami Beach.


Oh skin. It’s an uphill battle. When it comes to mine, I don’t mess around. I trust the experts.


Not everyone chooses these as part of their skincare routine. I, however, do. Not being wrinkly makes me feel great. Just because I’m nearly 40 doesn’t mean I want to look like it. That’s why I am obsessed with Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Danielle Smith at Botox Labb Aesthetic Beauty Bar. You can read more about how she’s helping me put my best face forward here. I trust my face to Danielle. That says a lot, because what’s more out there than your face? She isn’t overly generous with the needle, so when I leave I don’t suffer from frozen face. What she does is takes away what I wish wasn’t there and enhances the good parts. Now you know why I’m so obsessed with her. I visit Danielle every three or so months. Botox Labb only does injectables and it’s only one customer at a time, so the process is streamlined and you get all the attention you could ever need.

Find it at: Botox Labb Aesthetic Beauty Bar, 305.783.7001 or e-mail info@botoxlabb.com.


 Some time ago I traded in regular facials for laser ones. Why? Because they are that much better. Imagine the effects of a facial that continue long after the facial ends. That’s how laser facials work. The keep working deep under the surface of the skin long after the actual treatment ends. My time at Vivid Face has completely changed the way my skin looks—in a way that makes me feel confident to walk around without makeup. You can read about my treatments here and here. I’ve opted for two types now: the Signature Treatment (which gives skin a smooth, soft appearance) and the Skin Brightening (which erases sun damage, acne scars and other imperfections). Six treatments in and I feel like my skin looks better than it ever has before. It’s fast, painless and there is zero down time. The no down time is my favorite part. You can see what the actual treatments look like here and here. I know, I know, I look like an alien, but I’ll take metal googles and laser beams straight to the face for my current complexion any day of the week. To get 10 percent off the Vivid Laser Facial Treatment Intro Offer Three-pack, use code VGH867.

Find it at: Vivid Face, 305.767.7622 or e-mail info@vividface.com.


 Just as I turn to Glamsquad for blowouts, I rely on them for professional makeup. I’ve never been able to do my own makeup. I wipe shadows on with my fingers, blend my fundation with my palms. Read: disaster. I’m pretty sure if the girls from Glamsquad saw me in action they would faint, cry and/or run away. And that’s why I let them do the work for me. The results are better than anything I can produce. And they offer Temptu. Airbrushed makeup is single greatest beauty invention, especially in Miami humidity. I highly suggest downloading the Glamsquad app and booking an appointment the next time you need to be fancy.

Find it at: Download the app or find Glamsquad online here.

And there you have it: my village. If you’re looking to change your beauty routine in Miami for the better, I highly suggest becoming a villager of one or all of the above.