Where Past and Present Intersect: Shopping The-Archive.co

{The Archive.}

Local girls Marianna Maurer and Nicole Tafur have a thing for vintage shopping. Mix in their backgrounds in fashion (Maurer a fashion production and Tafur a stylist and editor) and a site like the-archive.co was inevitable. Only recently launched, The Archive melds apparel from the past with modern-day pieces for a look at what’s trending in both the vintage and runway worlds, as well as how to wear it, original photo shoots and colorful storyboards. I caught up with Mauer to talk about her passion for fashion and her ground-breaking site. 

How does The Archive work? Basically, we sell a curated vintage collection and pair up each item with a hand-selected set of contemporary versions also available for sale. We want to show the shopper a continuity of fashion throughout the decades, whether she is a seasoned vintage gal or not

The Archive has a blog, too. Tell me a little about it. Our blog, The Post, compliments the site but also has a bit more freedom to explore fashion outside the vintage realm. Our bloggers are stylists, photographers and writers based in Miami, New York and Paris. We highlight fashion-savvy women, old movies with looks we love, heritage brands and anything that catches our eye.

{Find this look, Electric ($130), at the-archive.co.}

What prompted you to start the site? We both love shopping online and felt there were good vintage options and plenty of contemporary e-tailers, but nothing that married the two in an interestingly curated way. We noticed a lot of our friends were always “vintage-curious” but didn’t necessarily feel they could pull off a vintage look or felt overwhelmed shopping for vintage themselves, so we wanted to create a site that was welcoming to both the vintage lover and the newcomer alike.

What gave you the idea to mix vintage shopping with modern-day shopping on your site? We love looks from today but have an affinity for vintage as well. Why not mix the two?

{Find vintage mixed with modern-day finds, all shop-able, at the-archive.co.}

How long you have been a vintage shopper? Since the late ‘90s. 

What are some of the best vintage scores you’ve found? Strange for a girl living in Miami, but some of my favorite finds have been coats, like a YSL burnt orange barrel coat and a Jean Paul Gaultier mustard swing coat. I guess it’s good incentive to travel elsewhere and wear them. Also a Louis Vuitton red epi leather drawstring bag and a classic black Chanel clutch.

Where do you find your vintage? A shopper never tells. 

 What’s your favorite item on the site? A DVF dress set called “Hazel.”

{The Archive founders Marianna Maurer and Nicole Tafur with Tali Jaffe, a contributor for the site.}