When Editors Play Ping Pong …

Too late to back out now.

I somehow let myself get talked into playing in a ping pong tournament at Chalk last night. Truth is, prior to 9 p.m., I wasn’t sure I even knew how to play ping pong. I think I was officially 9 the last time I played. Minor details.

Sure, she looks super friendly, but Liz Newman takes no prisoners.

Some of my favorite people were there: Thrillist’s Liz Newman, Huffington Post’s Janie Campbell, Ocean Drive’s Dirk DeSouza. Prior to facing off against Miami’s editor pool, I got a few practice rounds in with Liz. Guess what? She actually knows how to play. Damn. This did not bode well for me. But she was kind enough to teach me how to serve. With Liz being too good for my green horn status, I moved on to Janie, who was more at my speed (read, we both kind of suck). Sadly, Janie wouldn’t be my competition for the evening. That would have been too fair.

Prior to pairing us up, someone attempted to give a room full of journalists a rundown on the rules, which went a little something like this: This is how you play ping pong, followed by 1,000 questions like: “What happens if it hits here?” And “Who invented the ping-pong ball?” “What was your inspiration for this tournament?” “What other types of competitions do you have planned for the future?” “Can we get a quote about what ping-pong means to you?” It was like the media pit at the White House. This is what happens when you corral a room full of people who ask questions for a living. Luckily, there were no written instructions for us to copy edit for grammar and sentence structure.

Completely inappropriate ping-pong attire.

As for pairing, I got matched up with Liz. Thrillist versus Daily Candy. Whoa. And I, representing the girly editorial portion of this showdown, came completely inappropriately dressed for the occasion in a mini and tetter-tottering heels (I had a Soho date to see DJ Marcella Novela after). So, I took on Liz, zipping this way and that in my six inchers. Diving over the table in my skirt. Flipping and flopping my paddle. Giving her a real run for her money. Er yeah, that’s how I’m choosing to remember it. And not that she beat the pants off me 2-11.

Janie is the world’s best practice partner.

Tara also did it in heels. Albiet it much better than I did.

Liz actually went on to the final challenge. Giving just about everyone a run for their money. Damn, that girl knows how to play ping pong. She’s a damn good editor, too.

Next time, I challenge my A.P. Style-editing brothers and sisters to a game of mini golf. I’m not joke with the putter and the windmill.

Ping pong, not so much.