What You Need to Know About Peter Pilotto for Target

{Bag and Shoes: Peter Pilotto for Target. Pants: Lululemon.}

7 a.m. and I’m waiting outside of Midtown Miami Target like a loon for the Peter Pilotto collection to launch. About eight other people were there waiting with me until moments before opening when the crowd grew to about 30, including one woman who had no interest in the collection but wanted to return some rotten avocados. (at 8 a.m. … on a Sunday—god bless her).

Before the doors open, an employee comes out to inform us we can only have three of the same item and there is no running or pushing. Everyone giggles and swears they would never do that. But I shopped Missoni for Target with you bitches. I know what you are capable of. The doors open and we’re off, speed racing like octogenarian mall walkers to the rack. I grab a handful of things that are on my list (including two pairs of sunnies) and I’m off to the dressing room.

And this is what I deduce from my time in the dressing room:

If you are buying it online: For the most part, size down.

The cups in the bustiers are enormous. Yes, it comes in xs, but it’s really a small.

The pants in a size 2 fit my hips, but they are low-slung and not over my belly b like they were supposed to be.

I did not try on the dresses, but if I were ordering one, I would get my normal size and a size down. You can return online from Target in the store, so no harm, no foul.

The beach bags are all kinds of awesome.

The shoes are great (though, they, too, run a bit big).

And the sunglasses were meh.

The rash guard top is fab, but it got raided before I could swoop in for my size.

Turns out the pants I hated on yesterday I actually bought. I also scored the bag and shoes. I’m sad the bustier that matches the pants wasn’t in the store, but I tried it on in another pattern and it didn’t fit, so that wasn’t going to pan out anyway. There goes my idea of matching public PJs.

The cropped rash guard top was too big around the bottom and they didn’t have the matching skirt, so attempt No. 2 at public PJs was also a bust.

The cropped sweaters were cute. I just felt like the sleeves are too long and the matching skirts didn’t fit and I’m not about to alter clothes from Target. 

And there you have it.

If you didn’t get a chance to shop the collection, check back in later this week. People are bound to return their online orders.