What to Wear to Art Basel

If you are in Miami this week, the thought, “What am I going to wear to Art Basel,” has, at some point, crossed your mind. And chances are you fall into one of two categories: Those of us who have planned out our wardrobes down to the socks and undies (Type A personalities, raise your hand), or the panicked last-minute Melly who STILL doesn’t know what to throw on as they are dashing out the door. Here’s a few tips I have to share with you on what to don:

1.) Think outside of the box. Be a little weird. Wear something you would never normally wear in non-Basel life. Toss on a hat. Wear a giant accessory. Put on a cape. It’s OK, it’s Basel.

2.) It is colder than you think. Wear something wintery. This may be your only chance if you aren’t traveling this season.

3.) Play with structure. It is an art fair. Dress the party.

4.) Black is the new black. While you are encouraged to go big, don’t try and compete with the art when it comes to color schemes.

5.) Wear a pair of sensible shoes. Yes, I, the queen of the six-inch heel said that. And I don’t mean sneakers. Throw on a comfy wedge, because Basel comes with a lot of walking—whether it’s to your parking spot in China south or from one tent to the next.

Looking for more fashion inspiration for Basel? Check out my blogger sistas advice on Societe Perrier.

Happy Baseling.

{Vintage wool cape. Vintage cream blouse. Forever 21 zebra shorts. Wolford tights. Aldo booties. Chanel bag.}