What to Wear on a Date

{Wearing: Date Night Dress: c/o Marshalls. Shoes: Aldo. Bag: The Find Auctions. Necklace: Isa Boutique. Photographed by me.}

So, I’m dating. In Miami. Which is a whole book in and of itself. Let’s just say it’s interesting and leave it at that. I mean, I never in my wildest dreams thought that at 36 I’d be dating. But I am. In fact, the last time I dated, I was in my early 20s. It was a pre-social media, early era of cell phones kind of world. All of that technology has impacted—good or bad—the dating world. Today, you can log on to the Web, search someone’s name, see which friends you have in common, call said friend, ask where in the “cool or a creeper realm” the person falls and then set the ball into motion or put the breaks on with a screeching, grinding halt. Back in the dark ages of pre-social media, you had to go out with someone on blind intuition without any kind of helping hand. Yikes! In the face of new-age dating, however, some thing never change. I still long to meet someone the old fashioned way—in person, not via app. I still believe a man should open the car door for a woman. And I still turn to the LBD for first date apparel.

Speaking of which, Marshalls did a study and out of 1,000 women, 70 percent admitted to having bought a new outfit to wear on a date to prepare and boost their confidence levels. I fall right into that 70 percent. A new dress makes me feel at the top of my game. And really, isn’t that something you need when you’re going on a first date? I mean, you’re basically sitting down with a complete stranger and trying to engage with them. That can get awkward, fast. Better go in with the big guns locked and loaded. And by that I mean any little bit helps, be it a new dress or sparkling dinner conversation.

My go-to time after time for date nights is the little black dress. I scooped up this one because I like the cut. It’s feminine and makes me feel confident. And, as Dateologist (yup, that’s a thing) Tracey Steinberg, says, “The best way to instantly bring out your inner flirtatiousness is to wear something that makes you feel confident. People appreciate confidence more than perfection; when you’re confident, you are most magnetic to put yourself out there in your relationships.”

It’s also easy to move in, which makes for a quick getaway should that first date turn into a complete disaster. I kid. I kid—though I have had some interesting date scenarios. And to keep the silver lining in tact, let’s just say getting a new dress, like this one, was the best thing to come of them.