What to Wear and Do on Your Birthday

Vintage wrap, Ritchie Swimwear bikini, Eugenia Kim for Target hat, Lola James bracelets, total knockoff sunnies.

Yesterday was my big day, my birthday. I don’t know about you, but I’m not the kind of person who lets my birthday come and go lightly. I celebrate it for not just one day, not just two, but seven whole days of birthday bliss. And the weekend leading up to my big day is always a grande affair. Each year my bday happens during Winter Music Conference, which makes it seem like all of Miami is celebrating my bday (at least that’s what I tell myself). This year, rather than getting sucked into the electronic music scene (which this year included Madonna’s inappropriate Molly comment), I kicked off birthday weekend of fun in the sand with some of my best friends. A good time was had by all, including the sun, who tanned the heck out of my backside.

Fancy Friday’s regulars and a few guests, too, including The Wordy Girl’s brother. I’m seriously considering having a date-this-guy contest. Who’s in to get hooked up?

Marcella moments before her new ‘do (pics coming soon—it’s amazing). This is what happens when you become a mom, you find random things like finger puppets in your purse. She’s rockin’ ‘em.

Love me some David Jon Acosta. He’s the brains behind Gold Saturn and Our Prince of Peace. And yes, that scarf action is straight up his design. Love it!

Erin, the world’s most talented sketch artist, in her amazing Walgreens sunglasses. Cute and savvy!

Who coud ask for anything more?

I could. I asked for Hunger Games opening night tix, and I got ‘em. Great movie. Amazing book. Be prepared to hang out with a bunch of 8-12 years old though. The median age group for this movie is all over the map, which freaks me out, given the content of the film.


Day two of my birthday weekend of fun landed the hubs and I at a new eating spot: Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar. One word: Yum. The adventure started with guac and chips and a Lolita margarita and ended with homemade green apple cotton candy covered in Pop Rocks. Ah-may-zing.


David lost in a sea of green apple cotton candy. Seriously, how cute is he?

Day three, the actual birthday, of birthday week of fun was spent with my family, my favorite people on earth. They, after all, are the best gifts anyone could ask for.

Me in kiddo in our birthday best: Me in Jill Stuart and Milly in Stella McCartney for Gap. Thanks, Tara Solomon, for the awesome pic!