What to Look for at the Alexis Semi-annual Sale Tomorrow

{Scout something in a bold hue.}

Clear your schedules for Thursday, November 15. Why? The Alexis semi-annual sale, that’s why. In case you haven’t been in the past, let me fill you in: It’s the best sale you’ve ever been to, ever. Alexis, who is one of my favorite local designers, opens up her warehouse with prices that are up to 60 percent off. The racks are all neatly outfitted with signs detailing what each row contains. All the items are stored in plastic dry-cleaning bags. It’s anything but your typical sale, expect for the shoppers. Girls come far and wide for this event, so bring your A-game and prepare to shop for the next six months worth of clothes. Because, in six months, Alexis will have another sale and I promise you’ll be talking about all the deals you scored at this one from now until then. I caught up with the mastermind behind the line, Alexis Barbara Isaias, and got the deets on why we Miami girls adore her apparel and what you should be on the lookout for at the big event.

{Go for the gold.}

Why do you think Miami girls love your design?

“Our design is about comfort. When a woman feels comfortable, she feels fabulous.”

 What is one item every Miami girls must have?

“Our moto leather jacket.”

In addition to the stunning pieces in these pics, what else can we expect to find at the sale?

“Amazing fall must- haves: skirts, jackets and one-of-a kind pieces.”

Find deets (address, time, days) for the sale here.

{A slitted skirt is always sexy.}