What to Do for Earth Day: Green Monkey Beach Clean Up

The beach should always be this pristine.

Earth Day 2012 is just days away. April 22, to be exact. Considering our species has been one of the worst tenants to date, what are you going to do to say thanks to Mother Nature for letting you trash the place rent-free?

Join the Green Monkey team on Saturday, April 21 (we need the place to be clean for the bid day, yo) from 4-6 p.m. at 9th Street in Miami Beach. In addition to scoring good karma points and having warm fuzzies from doing something good, you’ll also be given a free class. Members will get a comp card to share a free class with a friend. And you know you know someone who needs some yoga in their life. Wear your Green Monkey shirt if you have one.

See you on the beach.