What I’m Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving. The third Thursday in November is actually my least favorite holiday of all the holidays. It’s not really a vegetarian-friendly sort of day. But I get what the sentiment is about. It’s about tradition and giving thanks. And this year, like every year, I’ll turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, call my Papaw and wish him a happy Thanksgiving. I’ll talk to my mom, my brother and his kids as they trickle into her house. And then I’ll get together with my Miami-based family to share and eat. Uncle Ed will give me his newspaper, so I can put my Black Friday plan into motion. I’ll eat some pumpkin pie. And we’ll call it a day. So what am I thankful for, since that’s what this whole shebang adds up to? My amazing hubby and my 4-year-old bestie, little miss Milly Jane. And for beautiful Miami Beach “fall” days like the ones in these pics, where hubby played the roll of Tarzan and kiddo was the queen of R&R. Enjoy what the day brings. And go to bed early. Tomorrow is the Superbowl of shopping. And oh, how thankful I am for that.