What I Wore to the MIA Shoes Swim Week Kick-Off Part-tay

Last night Swim Week unofficially kicked off with the MIA Shoes party at Kyma Lounge. I got dudded up for the occasion in my hat (because it was pouring) and shoes and hit the scene. On a completely separate note, see that mirror in the background, the one over the mirrored buffet? Well, on Friday, the 13th, at 1 a.m., the wire on the back broke and it fell out of the wall and landed behind the buffet on the marble floor. AND NOTHING BROKE. The mirror is still perfectly in tact. The buffet is still good as new. And my Missoni for Target vases didn’t suffer anything from the impact either. How’s that for a lucky 13th?

{Banana Republic top, vintage vest, Bullhead Black jeans, MIA Vixen pumps, Eugenia Kim for Target fedora, Chanel bag, Touch Boutique bracelet.}

{Essie Live From the Red Carpet polish.}

{Miami’s Fashion Mafia in the house.}

And there you have it, my Swim Week schedule, all printed out and ready to roll. It’s gonna get HEAVY next week. Prepare for bikini overload.