Weekly Beauty Musings

That’s me with Christian Louboutin at Friends With You Rainbow City last year during Basel. I have no idea who the girl to the right is. Somewhere she has this pic of me and is saying the same thing. Oh, Basel. I love you.

Prepare thyself for all things Art Basel this week. It’s the biggest thing to happen in Miami, and I’ve been looking forward to it since I ran into Perry Farrell in the back alley of Rainbow Village last year. So, let’s get started: The Beauty Beat: Basel Edition.

We’ll be donning this little red number from Chanel on our nails for all of Basel. Yes, I know it’s a week dedicated to art and culture. And, um, nail art is still an art form (yeah) and (digging a hole, digging a very shallow hole). Further on the beauty front, Blo will also be opening in Midtown for Basel. You can check it out starting Dec. 3. Plus, Keratin Complex’s Art Basel Suite at Loews Miami Beach Hotel opens this week. Stay tuned on how slick that whole deal will be.

And you know I’ll be at YogArt this week, twisting myself up like a pretzel, listening to enlightening music and checking out nirvana-inspired art. I can’t wait. Stop over, say hi and twist up next to me. It’s the perfect zen break from the art-related mania set to take over this town.

Happy Basel-ing in the week to come.