Weekly Beauty Musings

Me in scorpion, wishing my feet would just touch my head already, grateful they are off the floor.

So many things happen this week that it’s dizzying. First, there’s the whole eat, bonding, giving thanks thing on Thursday, followed by Black Friday (prepare thyself for my post. I’m thinking of going mobile with the posts for this one. A play-by-play, if you will.). But before all that happens, get the scoop on the health/ beauty offerings in Miami surrounding the two holidays (yes, I consider Black Friday a holiday. It’s my Superbowl, in fact, and I am the MVP) here. I think the workout classes from DavidBartonGym and Green Monkey, who in addition to offering Black Friday deals is also having classes Thursday morning, are brilliant. You know you are going to eat more calories than any one — or two people, for that matter — should consume in one sitting. So why not do something about it beforehand? Just keep in mind, the more healthy choices you make now, the less resolutions you’ll have to break come January 2012. That’s me up there in the yoga pose, because nothing sounds more blissful than escaping to a yoga class before sitting down to a family dinner. Anyone want to watch the kiddo so I can squeeze that into my sked?