Weekend Warrior




{Wearing: Weekend Tank: c/o Marshalls. Bikini: c/o Maaji Swimwear. Sunglasses: Woodzee Claudia Pear Wood White DipBangles: Forever 21. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.}






How am I already shopping for Milly’s school supplies again? Where in the world has summer gone? How can I stop time, and hang on to what’s left?


With the end of summer looming, the last vacation of the season planned and practically executed, all that’s left are the weekends. You know, the thing that gets you out of bed on Mondays, that thing that gets you over the hump on Wednesdays. That thing that keeps you hanging on.

Thankfully, I live in Miami, where the weekends will still feel like the lot of summer for months and months to come. So for now, with what’s left of the best season of them all, let’s get out there and make the most of it. Hit the beach, pop a bottle of rose, work on your tan, hang out with friends, dance too much, laugh too loud, make memories and stay up until the sun comes up. Just enjoy what’s left. And when that comes to a grinding halt, well, there’s always the weekend.