Wedding Tales: Buster Gets Married

The groom in head-to-toe white. And me in Jill Stuart and vintage Nordstrom heels.

Last night, my friend Buster got married. I first met Buster 12 years ago, back when he had bottle-blond hair, pink glasses and fuzzy leopard flip-flops. Back when he was a nightlife photog (with a camera that took floppy discs, nonetheless), who danced on speakers at Cameo when it was called Crobar and Mansion when it was Level. We worked at a magazine together, one with actual pages, not virtual ones, back when South Beach was ripe with publications. A lot’s changed since then, obviously — though somehow Tantra is still open. A fact that blows my mind whenever I drive past it.

I feel like I grew up with Buster and crew in the South Beach sandbox. In fact, Buster MCed my wedding way back when. Last night, he also MCed his own affair. It was an old school South Beach wedding, bringing people I haven’t seen in eons together, in outfits that could only be worn to a wedding in South Beach. Everyone donned white, at Buster’s request, which made for an elegant twist. A great idea for anyone who is getting married in the near future. Buster also passed out sparklers, which were lit moments after he kissed the bride. Also a cute, out-of-the-box wedding idea.

After the ceremony, the wedding turned into a dance party, with bikinied-winged dancers and a mermaid. Yes, a mermaid. And fireworks. It was after all, a South Beach wedding. Buster’s, nonetheless. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

To Buster and Hilda living happily ever after.

Everyone wore white.

The bridal party with the world’s most perfect backdrop.

Yup, that’s a mermaid.

More of SoBe’s colorful cast of characters. With K7J and Beav. Taken by another old schooler, Seth Browarnik.