My Warby Parker Joy Ride

{Cardigan and shorts: The gigantic new Forever 21 on Lincoln Road. Scarf: Ramona La Rue. Bag: Vintage Reign. Cuffs: Lola James.}

Sunny days, art in public places, a sky blue retro beach cruiser, and a handy dandy map: the ingredients for Miami Beach Art Circuit, courtesy of The Standard Spa Miami Beach and Warby Parker. I was thrilled when both brands asked me to take their latest addition to the hotel for a spin. You see, guests at The Standard can hop on a complimentary Warby Parker bike, grab a color-coordinated map and see what Miami Beach’s art scene is all about. On a glorious Friday, with barely a cloud in the sky, that’s exactly what I did. And it was a blast. My outfit inspiration for the day: Parisian chic meets beautiful day for a bike ride. All that was missing: A bike and a pair of sunnies. Thankfully, Warby Parker provided both.

And we’re off to see …

First stop: Lincoln Road. Around Casa Harris, we call this sculpture the fishbowl, because we actually had a fishbowl this shape way back in the day. But the proper name is Morris’ and Dan Graham is kind of a big deal in the art world.

Next stop: the fountain, Save our Reefs, in front of Segafredo. It’s by artist Carlos Alves and is made of a zillion pieces of ceramic tile.

To see more of what’s on the Art Circuit, check out my fellow joy riders The Wordy Girl, The Fashion Poet and Nany’s Klozet, who also got an eyeful of Miami Beach’s public art.

Since it was such a beautiful day, after the tour, I decided to take Thing 1 (Owen) and Thing 2 (Henry) for a walk. In my Warby Parker Tenley sunnies in Midnight Blue, of course.

Thanks to Collin Hughes for the awesome pics.