Find Your Wanderlust

m2fRGbB8KvJce3zP16mnBhsxtW7tH4N5zjJScW6Un80{Wearing: Leggings: c/o Habit Activ Samson Crop. Top: Lululemon. Photographed by @thelouiscollection}


That’s me getting my om on at Leggings Lounge during the last night of Yoga Month. If you’re looking for another community yoga event, I suggest checking out Wanderlust 108. It’s a “mindful triathlon,” which includes a 5K run, outdoor yoga and guided meditation. It’s happening this Saturday, October 17, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Virginia Key Beach at 4020 Beach Drive. What I like about Wanderlust 108 is its message, which is simply spelled out in its hashtag: #ActuallySheCan. It’s a message of female empowerment and self. In other words, get it, girl. And um, brilliant, there’s an #ActuallySheCan trampoline at the event to encourage people to “bounce back from anything.” Love that. So, this weekend, if you’re looking to put a positive spin on your outlook, go ahead, find your Wanderlust. Get tickets here.

And speaking of yoga, a lot of people ask me when I got started. My standard response is, “About 10 years ago.” But I actually listened to that come out of my mouth the other day and realized I was lying. Not on purpose, of course. Life just has a way of speeding up without you necessarily noticing. Realistically, I’ve been doing yoga for 16 years. I tried out my first class in college at a donation-situation with all levels welcome. Coming from a dance and gymnastics background, I immediately felt at home. And then shavasana happened. It was like an epic nap after a workout (I wasn’t aware there was a meditation aspect back in those days). And I’m all about a nap. Sold on a workout that included a siesta, I would pop in and out of classes with months going between. Then, when I moved to Miami, I took classes every Tuesday night down at the pool of the building I was living in. From there, I joined a yoga loft that I ran to every Sunday for a candlelight yoga sesh. Back in those days, my practice wasn’t dedicated, but instead something I would turn to time and time again for a release, an escape. Whatever it was that yoga had, it hit home for me. I guess inside my vegetarian, earth nugget, granola-loving soul, there was a yogi deep down.

And I found her once and for all when I joined Green Monkey right around the time Milly started going to pre-school. I subjected myself to Amy Litt Rabin’s power yoga classes in the evenings. It was like being beat up by yoga, but it felt so good. Eventually, the class stopped kicking my butt and I learned to flow with it instead of it pushing and pulling me. I learned to breathe with it. And I felt like poetry in motion. Since then, I’ve made yoga a part of my life. Even if it’s just a headstand one day, getting upside down, reversing the blood flow, it changes your perception.

And the rest, as they say, is history.