Who is That Masked Lady


{Wearing: Catwoman Eco Mask: c/o Vivo Masks.}

It’s almost heeeere. My most favorite of all the holidays (yes, even Christmas). I love Halloween, in a probably not normal sort of way. This past weekend, I realized why. And it’s not just because I can unearth the weird collection of costumes I have at my house and wear them in public with opera gloves and a beautiful metal mask like this one from Vivo Masks. It’s because Halloween is a tradition in my family. This past week, my mother sent me endless photos of zombie heads, body bags, homemade floating ghosts and a pic of herself dressed as death with glowing red eyes. No, I didn’t grow up in the Adams’ family. My mom, who lives in the middle of nowhere in a giant forest, turned the woods around her into a haunted house for a Halloween party. And, based on the pics, it was epic. Like the kind of epic I would need someone to hold my hand to get me through. My brother jumped out of trees, my stepdad fired up the chainsaw, my sister-in-law screamed in the background and my mom played the goulish guide. That’s the way we roll in my family when it comes to Halloween. And it’s always been that way. When my mom was a kiddo my grandfather made her costumes. And when I was a kid, she made mine—with one rule always in tact: It had to be scary. Halloween wasn’t just a holiday, it was family bonding and major creativity time. I guess that’s why, year after year, I wrack my brain, starting September 1, to come up with a costume for me and the Mills. And this year, she’s going to rock it out. I might even be more excited about her costume than she is. Hint: It’s a part of my ’80’schildhood. So what is it? You’ll have to wait for the big reveal on Halloween. As soon as I can get it up on Instagram I will. Trust me, the wait is killing me.