Extreme Beauty: Laser Facial Part Four

{Wearing: My Home Fashion Boutique Top and Denim. Hair: c/o Glamsquad with Vanessa Placeres. Makeup:c/o Glamsquad with Celina Beach Artistry. Photographed by Danielle Margherite Photography LLC}

It’s back to the laser facials. Why? Because they are awesome. And the treatments at Vivid Face are helping me through a skincare issue that’s been driving me bonkers for some time now. As luck would have it, the pore-perfect skin I had as a teen and first-half-of-my-life adult decided to betray me in the most annoying way possible. As I’ve started to reach the tail end of my 30s, I, for the first time ever, have been dealing with acne. Yes, the pleasures of adult acne. Like really? Now? As I’m knocking on 40s door? Grrrrreat.

The issue started about a year and a half ago. A blemish here, a pimple there. And then bam, my whole chin was a bumpy mess. And not the kind that are easy to hide either. We’re talking those underground guys that hurt. And not just to look at it. My first stop was the dermatologist’s office, where I was told it was hormone related and handed a small army of creams. Aside from drying my skin out to the point that I looked like a flesh-eating virus victim, none of which worked. And then it was oral meds, which had side effects worse than the acne itself. Just about the only thing that helped were facials, spending time in the sun and swimming in the ocean. But those only worked for so long. Another flare up came along, and I was back to looking like a pubescent teen. Dreadful.

After my first rounds of laser treatments with Vivid Face, I noticed the acne started to subside. And then we went about treating the scars it left behind. Those cleared up, too. So when my skin reached a low point a month or so back, I reached out to Julie at Vivid Face to see what we could do to fix it.

Did you know that Vivid Face offers spot treatments for acne that stop whatever is under the surface dead in in tracks? I mean as in a day after a treatment your blemish is gone? Well, the do. And let me just say that here on the horizon of summer where I’ll be in the water and unable to rock a face full of makeup (which, who wants to do that during the hot summer months anyway?), I’m feeling confident to show my skin sans foundation because of the spot treatments I’ve been getting at Vivid Face. Those dark marks the blemishes left behind are on their way out, too.

It’s truly been my saving grace. The team at Vivid Face also suggested I switch my skincare routine to something for sensitive skin. So now I’m using Eau Thermale Avene, which Vivid Face carries, to also get my skin back on track between treatments. The treatments are fast and painless and I leave with no marks so I can return to life as if nothing ever happened. Only this time I know a blemish won’t ruin my day because even after I’ve left the treatment is still hard at work beneath the surface.

I can’t say this enough, but if you are dealing with skin issues, be it adult or teen acne, dark spots, a dull complexion, dark circles under your eyes, what have you, I urge you to give Vivid Face a try, especially now that summer is here and the way we treat our skin is completely different than months past. If you’re interested in trying it out, give Vivid Face a call and use this code to get 50 percent off the Vivid Laser Facial Treatment Intro Offer Three-pack, use code VGH867.

Find it at: Vivid Face, 305.767.7622 or e-mail

Peep this video below to see how these laser are making me feel like I’ve gone from pimply teen to summer-ready skin.