A Day at the Beach

{Rashguard: Vitamin A Stella Stripe c/o The Orchid BoutiqueBikini bottom: Vitamin A Stella Stripe c/o The Orchid Boutique. Photographed by me.}

Finally! Basel is done. The Boat Show is pulling its final pieces of flotsam out of the water. And we’ve all gargled Tums after a weekend of SBWFF. For one glorious week we’re show, festival and fair free. (Miami International Film Festival doesn’t start until March 7, and we have until at least the 20th of March before Winter Music Conference and it’s fur-covered ravers invade our turf). Life, as we know it, can resume to normal (or an normal as things get around here). Alton Road traffic will just be run-of-the-mill Alton Road traffic. And the beach may actually have a plot or two for the locals. For nearly one week, we get Miami back. It’s ours. Sweet, glorious ours. Yeah. And it couldn’t come at a better time. It’s that time of year when I get an itch to be outside. All. The. Damn. Time. These days the weather is beyond amazing: blue skies, the peaceful beach, radiant sun. So, here’s to suiting up (because a girl who lives in Miami can never have enough bikinis) in a new bikini, like this one from The Orchid Boutique, and taking back the beach.