It’s a Mad Mad World

{Hat & Dress: Vintage Revenge. Hair and Makeup by: Marianne Shows. Photographed by: delosreyesphotography.com.} 

I’ve recently started watching Mad Men—from the beginning. I’m somewhere in season 3 right now. Yeah, I know I’m about six seasons late for that party, but better late than never, right? For years people told me to watch it, insisting my fascination with vintage fashion would cause me to love the show. And it has plenty to do with it. But I mostly love it because, in addition to being a vintage girl, I’m also a writer and the character development on the show is beyond outstanding. Dare I say this: It’s as good as the character development on Lost—what I consider the greatest television show of all time. (Debating me on this will get you nowhere, kind of like with politics—insert winking smiling face.) I actually find myself thinking about Don Draper and Peggy Olson throughout the course of the day and wondering what’s going on in their little ’60s bubble. Why? Character development. But I also find myself wondering what Betty Draper would wear (vintage fashionista love affair in full swing). And that’s also where today’s post comes in.

If I were transported back in time, would I be a Marilyn or a Jackie? I got the chance to play dress up as both at Vintage Revenge (deets on their upcoming yard sale here). I love a circle skirt as much as the next vintage housewife, but there’s just something about fur stoles and pearls that makes my inner wannabe silver screen starlet swoon. But as much as love Betty’s girl-next-door style and Jane’s va-va-va-voom, at the end of the day I always root for Peggy for making her mark in a mad man’s world.