Braids and Waves

{Wearing: Top: H&M Crop Top. Shorts: Shopblush.com. Necklace: Touch Boutique. Bag: c/o LANY Handbags Half Crescent Clutch. Sunnies: Wildfox. Shoes: Vintage. Hair: c/o Tresemme. Photographed by me.}

And now a world-altering, life-changing post. Just kidding. I’m going to talk about my hair. OMG, my hair. It’s so long, longer than it’s been in five and a half years. Do you know how real the struggle has been to get it to this point? Chances are if you’ve been anywhere near me in the past year you’ve heard me bitch about it at least 100 times. I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet. I know inside I will always be that girl who chops off all her hair at the drop of a hat. But for now I’m going to keep riding this wave of letting it grow. Every now and then I get excited about having long-ish (for me) hair. Like, the other day when Tresemme blew into town for swim week. Blogger babe Kristin Clark invited me to get my hair done up by the team. Considering they had just done hair for Dolores Cortes, Gottex and Beach Bunny, I was in, all in. But what was I going to have them do with my now do-able hair? My first thought: beach waves, because I missed that whole trend when I was rockin’ the bob. But wait, I could also do a braid. Waves and a braid. OK, OK, maybe this whole long hair thing isn’t so bad. My stylist curled me, waved me, braided me and sprayed me and sent me out into the vicious Miami summer heat. And guess what? My hair stayed in place.

The team also supplied me with a product I’ve been dying to try since I did the Brides magazine shoot with Tresemme at the beginning of the year. It’s the Seven Day Keratin Smooth set. Get this, your hair stays smooth and straight for seven days, even through three washes. Wha? Yup. Sounds almost too good to be true. Deets on that just as soon as I test it out. Anything that will keep the humidity out of my hair is A-OK in my book.