May Flowers

{Floral Jeans: c/o Tractr. Shirt: Vintage. Necklace: c/o Birks Muse Collection. Shoes: Target. Bracelet: Vintage.}

Floral patterns, like my pink blooming jeans, are everywhere right now. Why? Because April showers bring May flowers. And May Flowers bring pilgrims. I know, that’s so bad, right? I heard on the radio the other day. Turns out, my people very well date back to the Mayflower. A friend came over for dinner not so long ago and we started messing around on I entered some info about my grandmother and boom, my family tree dating back to the 1500s popped up within minutes. Everyone in the room was shocked. Someone took the time to do a load of research and I got a major glimpse into my own history. Turns out, my peeps come from England. We arrived in Virginia and eventually moved to the Midwest, where yours truly was born. There were even pics. Those hardworking first Americans were far from royalty. Mostly famers who settled this land—literally. But they made it here, tried something new and have left generations of us in their wake. Pretty cool to get some perspective about your genes and jeans—Mayflower, May flowers or otherwise.

Photographed by David Marc Harris.