Hope Floats

{On Me: Bikini: c/o Toxie Sadie. Sunnies: American Apparel vintage dead stock. Necklace: c/o By Boe. On Kid: Tankini: Circo. Sunnies: Target.}

When all else fails, throw on a bikini, grab a flotation device, hit the pool and just float. It’s one of my remedies to cure what ails you. Another is the swingset. If every stressed out adult would just take a time out in a pink inner tube or the swings at the park, chances are, we’d all be a little less neurotic. There’s something about the redundant motion of the swing and letting the water guide you that just leaves it all behind. Of course, having my partner in crime, Milly, along for the ride doesn’t hurt either. Oh to be 5 again.

Something to keep in mind the next time you need to let go.

Photographed by David Marc Harris.