Proverb of the Day …

{Wearing: Dress: Touch Boutique. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Bag: Naila NYC. Bracelets: The Webster for Target. Photographed by me.}

Oh, social media platforms. Instagram for pics. Facebook for expressing your political views (I kid), Google + for increasing your SEO and Twitter for random thoughts—at least that’s what I use Twitter for. When I’m not posting links to my latest articles, I use it to pour out the random things that swim around in my head. Trust me, it’s an olympic-size pool in there. In fact, I’ve decided to start something new on my Twitter account. I’m calling it Proverb of the Day. Thus far, I have four:

Mondays are like trying to find the “you are here” on the map of life. 

A broken heart sucks. What sucks more is the person who broke it.

Don’t take no for an answer. Just find someone else to answer the question until you get a yes.

The faster you get there, the sooner it’s over. Slow down for a minute, would ya?

It’s a start. I’ll be posting more as they pop into my head, using the hashtag: #POTD. You can also follow along at @gingerharris, too, if you feel so inclined.

Apparently, this week I want to be a fortune cookie. 🙂