And the Award for Best Gift Idea Ever Goes To …


{Art by Cynno.}

Best. Gift. Ever. In the chaos of my home makeover, this gem, made by my awesome friend and super talented artist Cinthia Santos of Tiny Arts by Cynno arrived. I couldn’t wait to get it on the wall in my new office. I love how she was inspired by the pic below. And how cute are Owen and Henry in this pic? That’s exactly what they look like! She even captured their ears in the the right directions (Owen’s are down. Henry’s are high and mighty.).

Cinthia also draws a mean comic book character and princesses, too. She does pets, family portraits—I’m pretty sure she can draw just about anything, making this the perfect gift.

Mine is hanging just above my desk in my new office. I filled the whole room with things I love. And this more than fits into that category.

For more info on this awesomeness, contact or shop her Etsy store.