Throwback Thursday

{Me, in my favorite childhood bathing suit with buttons on the side and that ’80s high cut way that only an ’80s suit can have. Oh, and that’s a perm. Yup, a perm. Thanks, Mom.}

I’ve been saying I was going to do this for awhile now, because, well, this is a fashion blog and let’s face it, I’ve worn a lot of stuff over the decades—good and bad. I’ve also been watching a lot of The Goldbergs, which makes me nostalgic for my own ’80s childhood. And then I made the heartbreaking discovery the other day that something leaked into the box I saved all my photo albums in in the garage. So, now I’m kind of forced to do this, take pics of the pics from my childhood because as time goes on the black mold is starting to take over and I will no longer be able to hold onto them. So, I present to you, my new series of Throwback Thursday posts. I decided to kick it off with my 11 birthday party, way back in 1989. My mom, in an epic moment of cool-ness, rented a hotel room for me and my friends (Tara Reininga, Stephanie Welte, Barbara Harris, Tarrah and Melissa (those last two don’t get last names because I’m too old to remember what they were). So, we, a band of 11-year-olds, took over a hotel in Evansville, Indiana for a night and it was epic. What I specifically remember is watching a Don Johnson movie that night and all of us going gaga over how hot he was. Lol. So here it is, my Throwback Thursday post with awful pics, blurry and faded, covered in mold. But, nonetheless, the molecules and memories that make up my life.

{Am I wearing bike shorts and a long shirt? Why yes, yes I am. And I also spy some tight-rolled jeans and a Perdue shirt over there on Tara.}

{Back when old school hip-hop wasn’t so old school. And yes, that’s a Swatch on my arm.}

{The beach-themed, ombre bikini. That’s me on top of Stephanie’s shoulders in all my Olympic swimmer wanna-be glory.}