Thirty-seven? What Do You Mean, 37?

Dear Weather Channel, might this be some kind of error?

I conceded defeat and turned the heat on about an hour and a half ago — because it’s cold. And its going to get legit cold later. Whenever the temps dip below 70 in Miami, madness sets in. At yoga this morning, the room was heated to 80 degrees. People walked in wearing scarves. Boots. So when the temperature actually starts doing weird stuff, like being, well, all cold and 37 and stuff, we Floridians don’t know what to do with ourselves. Honestly, I was wearing a bikini on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I’m tan for the first time in a long, long time and it’s all tucked under wooly socks and thermal pants. Something is clearly wrong here. Nevertheless, that small Midwestern portion of me, the one who barely remembers what it feels like when its so cold out your little toe goes numb and feels like its seconds away from falling off, still gets a kick out of Miami’s reaction to 50 degrees. These are some of the best status updates I came across today.

Read them, fellow Miamians, as you sip hot coco and curse whatever Arctic blast is keeping us from inhabiting the beach.

Marcella Novela My fireplace has been on since I woke up this morning, so cozy!! I’m kind of loving this cold weather…

Erin Chainani I am NOT NOT NOT turning on the heat tonight. I refuse. My Minnesota genes won’t let me admit this is cold.

Kelly Taylor landed in miami and it is a balmy 50+ degrees. yikes.

Cheryl Kate Hohweiler what is this crazy cold weather, this is some NYC sh*t -wowzers! #sonotprepared

Wendy Doscher-Smith I’m so cold I just tried the Elvis “Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich” cocoa.

Annabelle Bovet Lips are chapping, hair is dry, skin looks like I’m a senior citizen and I only went to walk the dogs for 5 minutes so far :o( I love my heat and humidity and I was hoping this winter wasn’t going to come at all…

Elana Levin Ummm… I’m cold! What happened while I was gone?!

Lauren Gnazzo hace frio

Mary Jo Shore Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Mind you, all of these happened when it was in the 50s. Beached Miami even did a whole post on below 70-degrees fashion. Oh, bust out the furs tomorrow. How on earth will we cope?