The Vultures That Ruined Jason Wu for Target


In the utterly insane things I do for fashion and my blog, I hauled myself out of bed at 6:45 this morning and headed to Target for Jason Wu. I was tempted to blow off the whole experience, because at 1:30 a.m. I logged onto Twitter and saw a link from @targetstyle to the cat scarf I decided I needed. Luckily, I was able to procure it. But we all know how Target online went down for Missoni, so I got up and at ‘em anyway, just in case. While throwing on clothes in the dark, I actually considered donning a Missoni for Target piece, to show that I’m a no-joke shopping warrior. But that turned out to be too much effort so early in the morning. So off I went in sweatpants. Upon my 7:30 arrival at Midtown Target, I found about 10 people in front of me. No biggie. I run fast.

As the door promptly opened at 8, we raced in and headed over to the clothing and accessories. But guess what? They were gone! How was that even possible? I was one of the first people in the doors.

Big. Fat. Nothin’. In. Accessories.

The what’s left options.

All that remained (after I snatched up a few things), were dresses and tops in extra large sizes, things the mass of present shoppers could not wear. Things the vultures didn’t want to resell on Ebay.

Battle Royale. The guy in the green shirt and the greedy woman behind the cart are the vultures.

So, where did everything go? These people, who the mob of angry shoppers dubbed “The Vultures Who Ruined Jason Wu for Target,” came in and took everything. And by everything, I mean everything except what the few of us were able to grab before he did. It all happened so quickly, none of us knew where everything went. We just saw a wannabe mastermind duo with two carts and everything from the collection in it. And that’s when things got ugly. A woman, who had been waiting in line as long as the rest of us, said she wasn’t going to tolerate that and took something out of the vultures’ carts. The male vulture shoved her. Her husband threatened him. The police got involved. And then the insults started to fly. The rest of us who were shopping for ourselves with no plans to resell got mad. How was it fair that this guy was taking everything and then telling people around him they could “buy it off him outside?” The angry mob called over the management and asked them to intervene. And they did. They took him aside and told him it wasn’t allowed. But a call to corporate Target told them they were not allowed to enforce such a limit on items. And then we were back to square one.

Cops getting involved after male vulture shoved the woman on the left. Check out the cart of his partner in crime. That’s just wrong.

Management stepping in. Vultures getting defensive.

The mob of angry Wu-ers filming and photographing the vultures for blogs and Facebook.

With corporate Target’s OK, the store was forced to sell the entire collection to these people. And people started to get loud. I think this scared the vulture duo, and the male vulture told us if we got in line, he would let us have one thing from his pile. So people lined up. And waited. And as soon as someone requested a scarf or handbag, he took back his offer. Clothes only. I’m sorry but when did this guy become the dark overlord of Jason Wu for Target? What an ego maniac. And the insults began to hurl again. I might have called him a few expletives and highlighted the fact that he was a horrible person, but I swear it was only because I got sucked into the mob mentality. In the end, I left to try on my spoils — the few things these poachers couldn’t get to before I did. What I wound up with was …

This great red shirt.

And this cute blouse with bow detail. P.S. that’s my Eugenia Kim for Target fedora. What can I say, I’m a seasoned veteran at this.

No, it’s not the white blouse with bow detail I’d hoped for, but that was only available online and it says sold out even though I never saw it go on sale. But this will do.

Other things I tried on were the red striped tee dress, but it was a little too baggy for my taste. Same with the cat tee. I prefer my tees a little more fitted. But if you got your hands on the cat tote, kudos. The other handbag quality wasn’t up to snuff for me. But the overall quality of the collection seems not bad, not bad at all, considering it’s Jason Wu for $26.

As for the vultures, they left the store with a police and Target security escort team, because they were scared. And they should be. What they did is wrong and it makes people angry. I’m sure they’ll go home now and load up their stuff on Craigslist and Ebay for six times the price. But hopefully people will be smart enough to not buy into it.

I just want to say shame on corporate Target for not taking a stand to prevent things like this from happening. Local Target was ready to put an end to it, but not corporate. While a limit has been placed online (two of one item per person), none have been enforced in stores. And until they are, these capsule collections will continue to get snatched up by one and two people who have no intention of doing anything but reselling them for marked-up prices, thus pooping in the fashion pool and ruining the fun for the rest of us.

It’s a shame that such a great idea has been taken to such an all-time low.

Apparently, Target hasn’t learned anything since the great Missoni debacle of 2011.

As for my scarf, only time will tell if they’ve worked out their online drama.

God help us if there’s ever a Karl Lagerfeld for Target. (As if.)