Under Pressure


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s still spa month.

That’s me. Enjoying life. I mean, I regularly enjoy life, and these past few weeks have been amazing (or uh may zing, as I like to say it). I’ve traveled here, there and everywhere. And I got to spend a blissful weekend with my kiddo at a posh hotel. It’s been the perfect ending to one of the best summers I’ve had in years. But slipping out of vacay mode and back into real life, well, that sucks.

The night after I got off my second plane of the day, hopped an uber and made my way home post midnight, the thought, “I have to return to real life” hit me. Ugh. Double ugh. Super ugh. Noooo. To ease the pain, the next morning I grabbed my beau and headed to The Spa at Turnberry Isle to help ease the sting of post-vacation life. The Spa at Turnberry Isle invited us to partake in the Spa Month menu, which we did in spades. After grabbing a green juice to revive and slipping into a waffle spa robe, we hit the tables for the Themae Regenerating Massage for 50 minutes of deep tissue massage mixed with Thai stretching. Mmmm, mmmm good. Then, we hit the pool for lunch and some time in the Miami sun, which made the return to the dips and turns of life less stressful. Fountains tinkling in the background, coy swimming in ponds, beautiful plants blooming around us—taking all of that in didn’t make me regret coming back home to unpacked suitcases, stacks of mail, a plethora of unanswered e-mails.

Ninety-nine dollar life escapes are still available now through August 31 for spa month at The Spa at Turnberry Isle. And for those Labor Day returns to reality, you’ll want to mark your calendar for September Wellness Month for $99 treatments and $50 mini services through the end of the month. ‘Ya know, to help you cope.



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