The Mane Attraction

{Wearing: Tee: Gap. Moto jacket: Gap. Rocking a straight GHD mane. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.}

Confession: I use hot rollers on the regular. Why? It’s not because I aspire to be Miss Texas. Nor do I wear my pjs and a scarf over my head when running out for milk. It’s because I’m pretty clueless in the hair department. In fact, having hair is such drama, which is probably why I cut mine off with a whim all the time. But, I’ve managed to make it well over a year and a half without snipping my hair off. And I’m digging the long thing, except for when it comes to styling it. I’m a hot mess. Hence the hot rollers. In some gift from God, Neiman Marcus mailed me a box of GDH’s products to road test. And it was an amazing way to get a firm grip on how to handle this mess on the top of my head.

First, GHD’s products have my initials. Hello, kismet. It’s slogan is one I can hope for: Good hair day, every day. My first stop was the Eclipse. This flat iron is amazing. It heats quickly and makes my frizz flat and lovely, which, in Miami, is saying a lot. What’s amazing about it is that is uses high heat (in the 300s) to flatten hair quickly, so the damage factor is less. Using this tool wasn’t too much of a feat. And I’ll be putting it back to my hair again and again.

Next, I gave the Curve Classic Curl Iron a go. This one has always been a bit of a mission for me and why I run to the rollers instead. For some reason, I can’t seem to get that little piece at the bottom to curl correctly. But I had better luck with this particular barrel. Again, it heats up fast and uses high heat to get the look faster, so your hair doesn’t take a beating.

Soft curls mean waves once you hit the humidity looming outside in Miami. And that’s a sexy look. Beach waves and this little city on the beach go together like peas and carrots. The Soft Curl Iron created the look in a way that was easy to use. Just wrap and roll.

I let my stylist have at the Creative Curl Wand, because it looked a little intimidating. But he showed me exactly how to use it, and it was way less complicated than I initially thought. And that’s a great way to work a new tool into your life. If you think you aren’t using it right or have hesitations, turn to a professional. What I got afterward were awesome curls that made me feel like the bigger the hair, the better.

Since I’m a sucker for hot rollers, I saved this tool for last: The Classic Wave Wand. This tool basically gives me the same look as the hot rollers, but makes me feel much more modern.

My favorite, however, was the Eclipse. Maybe it’s because it makes my still-being-grown-out-hair reach its longest lengths. And maybe it’s how quick and user-friendly it is. I’ll be turning to it time and time again.

If you’re looking to take your hair to new heights, I suggest giving the GHD line a look. You can find it at Neiman Marcus.

My arsenal of hair-raising (or flattening) weapons.

This message brought to you by Neiman Marcus. The rest is the ramble that rolls around my head.