The Magic of HydraFacial

Two days after my HydraFacial and I’m still glowing.

Did you know that even if you take excellent care of your skin, you should still see a facialist at least every three months? Do you know the last time I had a facial? Let’s just say it’s been a long time. Too long. Which is why when the opportunity to try a HydraFacial with Skin by Tatum arose, I jumped at the chance. There’s nothing like turning 41 to make you want to spend quality time doing good things for your skin. And after being ravaged by the flu, my skin was a dried-out disaster.

I knew a visit with one of Miami’s top facialists for a HydraFacial would do me a world of good. So off I went to Skin by Tatum in Miami Beach with the hopes of bringing life back to my visage.

Glowing is just one of the many benefits of the HydraFacial.

We started with a skin analysis. I stuck my face into a machine, and Tatum took pics of what was going on both on and beneath the surface. And since I’ve been on this no more melasma kick, I was happy to find out that my skin is in pretty good shape. And, here’s the best part, my melasma is only a few layers deep, which means it isn’t permanent and I will eventually be able to get rid of it. This was the kind of news that honestly makes my heart soar. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know what a sensitive subject this is for me. What we did determine, though, was that my poor epidermis was bone dry. So, we kicked things off with a nice prep of putting some hydration back into my skin. Then, it was time to get to the main event: my HydraFacial.

My skin analysis. I’m wrinkle-free and my melasma isn’t permanent—but man, am I dry.

What is a HydraFacial after all? It’s actually an amazing machine that cleanses, brightens and extracts with zero downtime. And, it’s as easy as 30 minutes in and out. Each treatment is customized to your needs. Mine ranged from purging my skin of impurities, spending plenty of time cleaning out areas where I have recurring breakouts and brightening things up a bit. Since I suffer from melasma, Tatum spent quality time using the HydraFacial to tone down the dark spots that I’ve been battling. The results were something I could see for days after. The whole process was easy peasy and starts off feeling like a cat is licking your face with its rough tongue. Then, there was a slight suction to cleanse your pores and finally, serums were added to brighten up my complexion, which feels like cool gel gliding across your face. Immediately after the treatment I was absolutely glowing. And my skin found redemption from the flu that dried me out so badly. I was plump and glowy.

Check out my post HydraFacial glow.

Is there anything more fantastic than plump and glowy? Indeed there is. The HydraFacial actually minimized the dark spots from my melasma. And that, for me, is everything.

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This post is sponsored by HydraFacial and The Motherhood, but the opinions and the experience are mine.