The Life of Riley Fridays

I’m not so sure how fab this whole things is, but it’s touting my new concept.

After a chat with my Mom, where I explained to her my new office attire was a bathing suit and my new office was the beach or a pool (I live in a tropical environ, so part of my New Year’s resolution was to enjoy it as much as possible and since I have to work, why not meld the two?), she threw out a saying “the life of Riley.” And then she was floored neither I, nor my husband, had any clue what it meant. I chalked it up to a generation gap. But after she said it, she suggested I dedicate Friday (my favorite day of the week) posts to the good life. And I think it’s not a half-bad idea. So here it is, my first Life of Riley Friday post. Thanks, mom.

The Life of Riley, by the way and according to Wikipedia, was an American radio sitch comedy in the ’40s. (Technically, that should even be a generation gap for my mom). In 1949 it became a film and in the ’50s (still not my mom’s time), it was a TV show. It references the concept of a charmed life.

And that’s what I’ll be highlighting now on Fridays. Thoughts, products, concepts, etc … that play up the charmed life you’re either living or wishing you lived.

Today’s highlight:

Fiat 500 by Gucci.

I’ve seen two of them in the past few days. At first, I wasn’t sure what had just zipped past me, but I was fairly aware it was a car with the iconic Gucci red and green stripes down the side. Turns out, that’s exactly what it was. Designer collaborations are absolutely everywhere, including cars. Fiat’s site calls it “turning the runway into a racetrack.” Yeah, it’s kind of fabulous. Yes, I wished I owned one. The convertible even has the stripes on its top. The interior, too. Unfortunately, the little g logos are everywhere inside, and not just relegated to the tires and gear shift. To be honest, that’s a little gauche for my taste (says the girl who carries the LV-logoed Neverfull). But otherwise, it fits very well into The Life of Riley. The striped seat belts are, well, perfection. So there, you have it. Things I wished I owned. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a poolside date with the sun.

Designer this, designer that, designer car.