The Highs and Lows

{Hi-low Dezi Dress: Shopblush.comShoes: Jimmy Choo platform wedges. Necklace and bracelets: Vintage. Clutch: GiGi New York at Petite Chic.}

Well, I did it. I finally caught up on Mad Men. I did about six seasons in two months (factor in work, kid, life to explain why it took so long). And apparently, I did so just in time for the season finale, which aired last night. Talk about good timing. So here’s what I think of the show: It’s effing fantastic. Peggy is by far my favorite character. And Don Draper is the biggest sorry sack I’ve ever watched on TV. The man is brilliant, but pathetic. You love him. You hate him. You want to pelt him with a carton of Lucky Strikes. Ah, the mark of good writing.

Also on my down and outs: Pete Campbell. What an arrogant, cocky mess of a man. I’d like to pelt him with Don’s empty booze bottles—and that could go on for days. Though I love how the makeup department has aged him over the season.

And yet, as much as I can’t stand these two putzes, I adore the antics of Roger Sterling. Make sense of that. You can’t, because it’s about excellent character development. Man, I love this show.

My only hesitation with finally getting into real time is this: What in the name of god am I going to watch now that regular TV is in summer hibernation?

Arrested Development! Chee chaw.

Beyond that I’m totally open to suggestions. Fire away. And please, hit me with your best shot.