The Great Oblication: Vegas at Last

There’s nothing quite like hiking to send a backseat full of kids into a tranquil slumber as you road trip from the tip of Utah to Vegas. Jorge and I listened to classic rock, as we do on all our adventures, as we headed toward to desert to fulfill the obligation portion of our oblication. There were not kids to complain about the sounds of our old people music. And it was lovely. Perfect, in fact. You’ll recall, we were headed to Project when we decided to bring the kids and turn the whole work trip into a family vacay. 

With Zion behind us, all that was left was to play in the giant sandbox known as Vegas. It was all our first trips, sans Jorge (aka Cruise Director), and there was plenty on the agenda before the work set in.

It just so happened that Fleet Foxes were touring when we were on the trip. And it just so happened that Jorge asked if they were playing near us in Miami. And it just so happened that when I went to check, I noticed they were playing Vegas when we just so happened to be there. Milly had never been to a concert before and she loves Fleet Foxes, so we added it to the agenda. Her first concert, in Vegas of all places.

But before the show, we needed to feed the boys In-N-Out Burger. And Milly wanted to use the Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM. And I insisted we weren’t leaving here until we had a family pic at the Vegas sign. Squeezing that all into one day was no easy task. But we managed. And everyone found something they loved most about Vegas.

The thing they hated the most, however, was the 100-person deep line at the Vegas sign. It’s when the basis of this #realtravel trip with Hampton by Hilton got its real-ist. The chorus of “are you serious,” “do we really have to,” and “why are we doing this” were heard loud and clear from my crew. Ranging from the 9-year-old to the 41-year-old. But I made them do it. And I’m happy I did. Because someday, decades from now, they will come across that photo and remember what it took us to get to that final destination. And just how fun, crazy, wild the adventure was.

{Milly’s artistic recap of the whole adventure.}

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