Power Napping at The Spa at the Miami Beach Edition

{The Spa at the Miami Beach Edition}

When the Spa at the Miami Beach Edition invites you to come for a mid-week treatment, you say yes. For several reasons: 1) Mid-week means there’s still week to go. 2) Robe life is living your best life. 3) This was my first time there. 4) A little something called the “power nap.”

First off, the spa is beautiful. Really, really beautiful. Gauzy white curtains, candles, comfy couches, vegan chocolate mint cookies … I could have hung out in the relaxation lounge all day without stepping foot in a treatment room and felt like a kid on their birthday.

But it got better. And by better I mean a 60-minute Lift & Firm treatment, where I was brushed, massaged with active marine and plat-based stem-cell extracts, then massaged in a way that helps helps break down fatty acids that cause cellulite. Because … bikini season.  The treatment is new to the menu and delish. And so appropriate with the onslaught of summer and all the lack of clothing we’ll be wearing.

And just when I thought this was as good as it would get, something amazing happened. I was whisked off to a bed. A spa attendant tucked me in, attached clips to my ears, outfitted me in soundproof headphones, covered my eyes and sent me off to dreamland. And for the next 30 minutes I rested in my bed, the sound of music that feels like your floating in space filling my ears and soothing me. It’s called the Power Nap. And it’s only offered in Florida at the Spa at the Edition. The probes attached to my earlobes send biotic wave technology into your system to put you into a deep relaxing state of mind. A state that’s equal to four hours of sleep.

The whole experience was peaceful. I dozed off for a minute or two. The music made me feel like I was drifting into a black hole, floating. The probes cause the waves to go into your body, but you don’t actually feel anything. Just nap time, tucked into a soft, white bed, gauzy curtains surrounding you.

When I emerged from my Power Nap, I felt energized, like I had taken an actual nap. And it gave me enough energy to get through the rest of my day. And that night, I slept amazing. So, here, in this crazy, mad, rushed world we live in, someone has invented a way to squeeze what feels like four hours of sleep into 30 minutes.

How awesome is that?

Let me answer that for you: It’s incredible. Making nap time more efficient is so 2018.

Check it out for yourself. You can reach the Spa at the Miami Beach Edition at 786-257-4539 or 


This post is sponsored by The Spa at The Edition.  The thoughts and opinions, well, those are mine. All mine.