The Calm Before the Basel Storm

{Dress: c/o Express. Leopard Infinity Scarf: c/o Express. Booties: Bib + Tuck. Bracelet: Phillips House. Photographed by Sunny Middleton.}

Slip into something comfy (like my ensem from Express) and sit back and relax, friends. Why? Because it’s about to get crazy. The wild week that is Art Basel 2013 is here. Technically, it doesn’t start until December 5, but each year Basel unofficially starts earlier and earlier. I think this year it started a whole week before.

If you don’t live in Miami, you may not know what Art Basel actually is. For many, it’s an art fair. For most, it’s 490,000 million ways to spend a week partying. And that’s where we need to have a chat. Recently, the New York Times did a piece about how no one cares about art at Art Basel. And that, to be quite honest, makes me sad. I spent a week interviewing artist and they have so much to give, have put so much into this. We need to get Basel back to why it started and prove this article wrong. It’s not about the parties (I mean, it is), but there’s so much more to it than that. My advice is this: Basel is amazing, don’t get it twisted. Everywhere you go is a party. I’d be surprised if the local post office didn’t throw some sort of Basel coattail riding fete. I’m sure that e-mail will clog your inbox starting tomorrow. But I’ve seen art that inspired even me to get out a brush and throw some acrylic on canvas (and a painter I am not). Make the most of it. Don’t just be a Basel vampire (and by that I mean the creatures that only come out at night to party). Get out there during the day and see some art. My personal faves are: The Fountain, Design Miami and Pulse. Add them to your to do list. If you only focus on the nightlife aspect of Basel, you will miss out.

Yes, you can still have complimentary champagne breakfasts for a week straight if you wind up at all the right places, but make some time to see the art. And sit back and enjoy it before you race off to the next brunch/lunch/cocktail/celeb-hosted this that and the other sponsored by some new liquor brand.

I’ll be covering a ton of stuff for work this year, so if I don’t catch up with you before, I’ll see you on the flip side of Basel for a big, fat recap—which, I assure you, will include art.