The Brunette is Back


{Wearing: Sage Green Leather Top and Matching Sage Green Leather Skirt: Nisse c/o My Home Fashion Boutique. Hair Color: Michele Fury of Miami Color & Style. Haircut: Guillaume Massol of Miami Color & Style. Makeup: GlamsquadPhotographed by Jorge Camaraza.}

When I was in high school, one day I peered into the mirror and noticed, gasp, a grey hair. Thanks, whichever family member, for passing that little gene defect along. Basically, from that day forward, I would throw the darkest brown dye into my hair—just a shade above black—to hide from the sad, sad reality that I would be dealing with grey hair since before I even had a driver’s license. Basically, that’s how I’ve been hiding the problem ever since. If you asked me my real hair color, I’d have to reference what’s going on on Milly’s head, because it’s been so long now, I clearly cannot remember.

Until now. Earlier this month, I sat down with Michele Fury and Guillaume Massol of Miami Color an Style to update my hair. I had no idea when I walked out of the salon, that I would walk away with the hair God gave me way back when. I knew I needed a haircut, and I knew the time had come to throw more dye into my hair, but what I wasn’t expecting was Michele’s suggestion to lighten my hair. Wait, what? She mentioned it looked unnatural and didn’t have dimension, as I’d been throwing one flat color in there for so long. I very politely said, no, I like it dark, mostly because I was scared. What would I even look like with lighter color hair anyway? I’d been pulling this off for so long now it was like wearing those old PJs you’ve had for 20-plus years. Then, I sat down with Guillaume, who is a literal genius with scissors and let him cut my hair. He also mentioned that lightening my hair would give it depth and dimension. I’m not one to argue with experts, so, I sucked up a big gulp of air and I let them do their thing. That thing is French balayage and a French haircut—as the team hails from Prive by Laurent D in New York City. And, I can tell you, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that it was the best cut and color I’ve ever had in my life. Not only did the cut make my hair appear thicker, the color actually did give it depth and volume. Plus, I was back to being the brunette God intended eons ago. And I like it. There’s even a hint or two of red in there, but it works.

The best part, I can get months out of Miami Color & Style’s techniques, which is great, because Michele and Guillaume bounce between Miami and New York and will land here again in December—just when I will be needing their services again. If you should need them, too, I suggest shooting them a text to 917-873-3886. Appointments are Sunday or Monday at Creato Hairdressing in Brickell. The dynamic duo will be back in town December 18 and 19.

I promise if you want to put your best locks forward, this is who you need to sit down with. Allowing someone to take the black out of my hair and trying something so new was really a huge leap out of my comfort zone. And I couldn’t be happier I did it.