The Big 2017 Halloween Reveal

{Meet the crazy cat lady and her 48 cats}

This year, Milly knocked it out of the park with her costume idea. And she came up with it all on her own.

“I want to be the crazy cat lady, and you can be my black cat.”

Done and done. The two of us have been trying to talk Jorge into letting us have a pet cat for about an eternity now. Maybe this would drive the point home.

Milly came up with her look herself. She informed me she would need a robe, rollers, slippers, a string for her glasses and un-matching socks. And once she put it on I swear she looked exactly like one of my great grandmothers, who also had a thing for cats. It was Jorge, however, who came up with our cat cart concept. And I managed to lock down 48 cats on the Internet. Yes, 48 cats. Make that 49. I got to be one in her collection, too.

The Big 2017 Electric Blogarella Halloween Costume Reveal from Ginger Fulkerson Harris on Vimeo.



{Big thanks to Glam and Go for the stellar blowout and Celina Beach Artistry for the beautiful makeup.}

For adult-a-ween at Vizcaya’s 31 Annual Sundowner, where I got to judge, Jorge and I dressed up like a scene from Coming to America. We finally managed to create a costume that let him be funny and me be “sexy.” We both love the movie, and when we saw the headpiece at my favorite costume shop, it locked the idea in. How fund would it be to wear something that beautiful? Granted, it would have been more fun had it not been monsooning outside (Jorge dubbed it “Irma-ween”), but still we had a blast.

I made my top by sewing a zillion feathers from Michael’s on and I matched the whole thing with tribal jewelry and my old American Apparel high-waisted bikini bottoms. Oddly enough, I had most of the pieces at home already. Jorge rented his costume and managed to find the leopard for his shoulder online. He gave it a massive revamping with the help of our seamstress. In the end, it worked. People knew exactly who we were and were quoting lines to us all night.

We had a blast. Sure, we survived a tropical storm, stormed a stranger’s party bus and had a bar open up privately for us after Vizcaya, but if there wasn’t some crazy tale attached to it, it just wouldn’t be Halloween. Time to start plotting for next year …