The Online Auction Block

Attention, Ebay junkies, online shopping fiends and Facebook fanatics. There’s a new auction site worth looking into that encompasses all three. While scouring the DailyCandy website, I found a story about The Find Auctions in Dallas. It was the pic of the rainbow-hued monogrammed clutches that sucked me in—so much so I now own the green one pictured alongside my crystal clear arm party above.

Upon further investigation, I discovered every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. CST (that’s 9:30 in Miami for the time-zonely challenged  like me) you log on to Facebook here (after liking it, of course) and then race to type “sold,” along with your e-mail address and monogram initals in the comments of the pic you want. It’s a game of contant refresh to see what’s being listed, and a mad dash to beat out the other bidders on the limited-stock items.

If an Ebay bidding war ever got your adrenaline flowing, this will give you heart palpitations. Winners are announced on the site at midnight and a Paypal invoice goes out shortly after. Monograms take a wee bit longer. I think mine took about 14 days total. Prices are below retail, so, like Ebay, you’re still getting a deal. Only now you don’t have to worry about someone in Namibia forgetting to mail your winnings.

Get your typing fingers ready, there’s a stunning necklace that will be up for bids. See you tonight on the site.

{Photographs two and three by The Find Auctions}