Grab the Glue Gun, It’s Costume Making Time

Spent the entire weekend locked in the house making this year’s Halloween costumes. Halloween is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday. It has everything to do with the fashion element. And a DIY aspect.

Each year I make a themed family costume, in addition to grown-up costumes. Last year, we, as a family, rocked it out as scarecrows. FYI hay is really itchy. And I got the novel idea to be black swan for the adult-themed parties I went to. Unfortunately, so did about 7,000 other girls in Miami.

Just like every year, I refuse to tell what the Harris family costume will be, because really, what fun would it be if I blabbed? I will, however, say it’s something Milly is totally into right now. Other than that, you’ll have to wait until October 31 for the big reveal.

The year prior we played up Milly’s Cat in the Hat obsession. The dogs are the fish and the pot. Milly is decked out in a leotard and felt I cut up. And I made those wigs and burned the bejesus out of my fingers, thanks to the hot glue gun, doing so.

While I won’t let on about what we’ll be parading around as this year, I will share how I made my own black swan costume last year.

You’ll need:

-A bodysuit: Every good costume starts with a bodysuit, no matter if you are 2 or 52. I snagged this one online, which is way cheaper when it comes to costumes. I suggest trying stuff on in the stores and then ordering it online to save more than a few bucks. You just need to give yourself enough time for shipping.

-Feathers: I sewed peacock feathers from Michael’s on the bust.

-A tutu: I made mine from tulle knotted around an elastic band. That last part will take you about an hour, most of which involves cutting the tulle into strips so you can tie it. Just type “no-sew tutu” into YouTube for step-by-step instructions.

-A crown. Mine was a plastic tiara I stole from kiddo and sprayed black.

– Pink tights paired with ballet shoes (you can find adult sizes at Payless).

-Makeup: If you’re bold enough to try your own, I suggest also watching a tutorial on YouTube. I enlisted the help of a professional makeup artist Leslie Munsell Dubbin to get my swan on.

-Voila: Natalie Portman has nothing on you.