The 2016 Halloween Reveal


And there you have it: Pippi Longstocking and her monkey, Mr. Nilsson. Being the Halloween-loving fam that we are, we settled on this idea somewhere around the beginning of September. A few years back I made Milly watch the movie as part of her ’80s childhood education. I remember it being one of my all-time faves as a kid. Pippi was so awesome. And her hair! Thirty-something years later, modern kids still find it just as cool.

This year, Milly turned to me as we were looting Miami Beach of its candy stash and said: “No one ever has the same costume as me.” And that, my dear, is the point. When your mom makes you into her childhood nostalgia you get the only Pippi on the block. Unlike last year, though, a lot of kids did know who she was. I mean, how could you not? Pippi is a cult classic.

We scoured a few YouTube tutorials on how to recreate Pippi’s hair (pipe cleaners) after several wire-related attempts went awry. And then I had a miserable time trying to lock down a brown catsuit. But Beatnix on Miami Beach never fails to have exactly what I need every. single. year. I couldn’t find a smock like the one Pippi wear, so we deconstructed some of Milly’s overalls, and I created patches from leftover fabric scraps. Last but not least, we opted for brunette Pippi instead of the original red-headed version because what we thought was orange hair color turned out to be silly string. Who puts those two things right next to each other. Ooooof.

We had a blast grabbing up enough candy to last us well into November and send me straight to Pilates daily for the upcoming month. And we’re already hard at work on 2017’s idea.

Halloween comes but once a year. I hate to watch it go, but I can’t wait for it to roll back around next year.

Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.