Organic Skin is In


Last week, I met Tammy Fender, the creator of the organic skincare line, at the Eden Roc Renaissance’s Elle Spa. As someone who’s been on a constant quest to find something organic to wash my face and moisturize with for five years now, I was thrilled to hear her talk about the concept behind her line. Organic living isn’t just hippie dippy chatter. It’s a movement and one that shows no signs of slowing down or stopping.

Forget parabens, chemicals and BPA-laden bottles. Even the packaging is in tune with a healthier lifestyle. Fender uses only organic products housed in amber glass bottles that help extend the lifespan of the natural ingredients inside by blocking air and light.

She calls her Bulgarian Rose Water (featured above) a fountain of youth, thanks to the naturally healing aspects of the flower. And it takes more than 7,000 rose petals to create a single drop.

But it’s her Quintessential Serum (also above) she’d most like to have with her should she ever find herself stranded on a desert island. It does everything from repairing damaged skin and warding off fine lines and wrinkles to moisturizing cuticles. Think of it as a cure-all.

Fender heads up her own beauty blog here, as well as a spa in Palm Beach. She’s also creating new products, like organic and sulfate-free shampoos, on a regular basis, which is good news for organic beauty junkies out there.

If you are looking to do something positive for your skin, I highly suggest checking out the line. You can find it at Elle Spa, where they also do a facial and foot reflexology using Tammy Fender products. According to Fender, the foot has 7,000 nerve endings and should you rub garlic on your feet, you can taste it in your mouth. Go ahead, if that’s what your into. I’ll pass, but now I understand why foot massages and facials go hand in hand. They equal total relaxation from, well, head to toe.

{Miami’s bloggers getting their 7,000 nerve endings massaged. Thanks, Atara. She has magic hands, FYI.}

{Still obsessed with the Plant the Future decor at Elle Spa.}

Tammy Fender products courtesy of Tammy Fender and Elle Spa.